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vyzVoice was founded with a mission to create a relationship between data-stakeholders and their data.

Our multinational team, based in Luxembourg, is focused on delivering solutions that simplify the process for middle-market companies to gain data-driven insights for all users, at all levels of their business, to produce results.

vyzVoice solutions are focused on commercial buildings. Our objective is to remove the complexity and uncertainty of technology and to focus on enabling data-driven decision making for all data-stakeholders, regardless of technical expertise.

vyzVoice was named 2016 winner of the Startup Luxembourg and Startup Europe Awards in the ICT category.

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Robert Spicer
Robert Spicer
Gaëtan Holderbeke
Gaetan Holderbeke
Adlani Anouar
Anouar Adlani

Robert specializes in the globalization, growth, visibility and profitability of high technology companies. He has over 20 years of engineering, legal and senior executive experience and has helped organizations manage strategic change and capitalize on new market opportunities.

In his early career as an electronic and biomedical engineer, he developed advanced military, medical, and computing hardware and software solutions to solve complex problems.

Robert has held senior executive positions within both small and large companies. He helped to develop a Silicon Valley start-up from inception through to an IPO on NASDAQ; and served as a senior executive for Europe’s leading start-up incubator, where he was a board member and managing director of its international business units. He gained his deep and broad understanding of the global wireless telecom market, technologies, and policy matters, through managing business strategy for a Fortune 500 mobile infrastructure company.

Robert attended the University of London, Queen Mary College for his undergraduate study in Electronic Engineering, and the University of London, Imperial College for postgraduate study in Biomedical Engineering. He obtained his legal education and training in the United States and Great Britain.

Gaëtan is vyzVoice’s Chief Technical Officer. He is in charge of the global technical architecture of the Chorus end-to-end solution while taking direct responsibility for embedded engineering and data acquisition. Gaëtan is also a contributor to the product team.

Gaëtan studied Software Engineering with a focus on computer science with real time and artificial intelligence.
Prior to joining vyzVoice, Gaëtan worked at software company, Pragma Consult, starting as Senior IT consultant and progressing to the role of R&D Unit Director.

More than 15 years software engineering experience, combined with strong analytical skills and passion for technology and innovation allow Gaëtan to face the challenges presented by big data, analytics and real-time visualization.

Anouar joined vyzVoice in February 2016 as Chief Information Officer, where he is building and managing a top-flight technology team and overseeing research and development, as well as implementing agile methodologies.

Following his graduation from the University of Nancy II, Anouar started his career as software engineer specialized in distributed web applications. He quickly grew into more managerial roles, to become a CTO at the age of 24.

Before joining vyzVoice, Anouar served as CTO at EuroDNS, a leading European accredited domain name registrar, where he was responsible for leading the company’s long-term technology vision, and ensuring the maintenance of company leadership in the competitive landscape.