Chorus – a secure, cloud-based, big data IoT platform

Chorus is the foundation of all vyzVoice solutions. Chorus is an end-to-end solution that provides the framework and tools to easily and rapidly create industry-specific data analytics and visualization applications. Developed with a strong focus on usability, Chorus collects data from all sources and enables any user in the organization to easily configure analytics and dashboards, creating actionable insights without the need for additional technical resources.

Device Agnostic

Real-time data collection from all sources, systems, devices and sensors, regardless of their technology or protocols.

Powerful Analytics

Big data, business logic, analytics infrastructure. Cross-functional analysis capabilities with integration of external data sources.

Cost Effective

SaaS pricing model based on defined needs and use. No lock-in to infrastructure manufacturer or vendor selection.

End-to-End Security

Highest standards of data security from hardware to user, including device authentication, transport, storage, and user access.

Rapid Deployment

Starting with Proof of Concept and definition of workflows, rapid integration and pre-de-fined analytics produce early results and ROI.

Vertically Integrated

Pre-defined analytics and reporting based on industry-specific needs and objectives. Easy customization for all data needs in the organization.

Easy to Use

Easy configuration of dashboards and analytics without the need for additional IT support. Clear visualization of user KPIs.

Scalable, Extensible

Modular design and cloud-based infrastructure ensure full scalability and expansion for future growth and projects.

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