Chorus is a secure, cloud-based, contextualized application framework – the platform that provides the foundation for all vyzVoice solutions.
The Chorus platform consists of three blocks – Chorus Edge, Chorus Core and Chorus View – for Data Acquisition, Data Analytics and Data Insights.

Device Agnostic

Acquisition of real-time data from all sources, regardless of their technology.

Powerful Analytics

Big data, business logic, analytics infrastructure. Cross-functional analysis capabilities with integration of external data sources.

Cost Effective

Decreased additional infrastructure investment. SaaS pricing model based on needs and actual use.

End-to-End Security

Highest standards of data security from hardware to user including device authentication, data transport and storage with user access rules.

Rapid Deployment

Starting with Proof of Concept and definition of workflows, rapid integration produces early results and ROI.

Vertically Integrated

Chorus allows you to create custom analytics, use predictive analysis, build reports and define notifications based on real-time data.

Easy to Use

Easy configuration of dashboards and analytics without the need for additional IT support. Clear visualization of user KPIs.

Fully Scalable

Modular design and cloudbased infrastructure ensure full scalability for future growth and projects.

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