a vertically integrated solution for asset management in manufacturing

Industry 4.0 is fundamentally reshaping established manufacturing industries. Vertical integration of asset management from R&D and supply chain, through production and sales and to subsequent service and maintenance of a product has not only been shown to increase productivity but also boosts annual revenues. Successful integration requires combining all available data from the product life cycle into one solution that brings insights to the whole value chain. However, for many companies, data security concerns, lack of standardization in technologies and difficulties with connectivity have all presented barriers to full digital transformation.
industryVoice, the vyzVoice asset management solution gives a secure, vertically integrated application that allows manufacturers to use real time data analytics to improve their asset utilization, management of the complete product lifecycle, and business processes and workflows. By making maximum use of the real-time data from their assets, manufacturers can produce improved products and additional services to their customers , enhancing their existing business model and optimizing resources.

industryVoice Key Benefits

Optimized Product Development

Cross-functional Integration of real time data from all stages of the product lifecyle provides R&D departments with early and detailed insights into product development and customer use, leading to faster product improvements and innovations.

Improved workflows and processes

Using real time data and correlating the behavior of an asset with production setting provides companies with valuable information for improving their production processes as well as detecting problems and risks. This creates a proactive approach with predictive maintenance procedures that reduce down time.

Enhanced Quality Management

With the ability to aggregate data from all sources, new performance indicators connecting production data with lifecycle data of the product can be identified, the exact and real time impact on changes can be measured and the behavior of the assets can be monitored and controlled, optimizing quality management throughout the manufacturing process.

Expanded services and new business models

Real-time data on usage, health and maintenance status of products provides opportunities for development of new services, aligned specifically to customers needs, marking a transition from a capital intensive to a service based business model. The shift from capital data analysis conducted at all levels of the product lifecycle creates opportunities for developing new services for third parties, whether providing insights from suppliers on their own products or post-sales services on customer usage.

A View From Above


Solution Key Capabilities

Digitalization of Assets

industryVoice provides full digitalization of assets, enabling visualization in a hierarchical tree overview, organized by the user to represent company processes or workflows and aligning them by their physical location, technical architecture or asset category. Complete information on each asset is provided – gateways, sub-devices, category, location, status, health – along real time monitoring of asset specific KPIs so that the performance of each asset can be monitored in real time.

Supporting over 150 protocols, industryVoice ensures secure data acquisition from all sources, regardless of manufacturer, providing one system for all digital asset management, eliminating data blind spots and optimizing the digital thread.

Enterprise Transformation Readiness

industryVoice securely connects with existing third party systems so that cross-functional data analytics can be performed and shared, ensuring that all users have access to the data they need and data-driven decisions are integrated into business processes.

The access to detailed data insights on all stages of the product life cycle and the ability to aggregate and correlate with data from other sources, such as EFP software, enables data driven decisions that optimize workflows, processes and use of resources. Real time data analytics on product usage provide insights into customer usage and needs and that feed product R&D and service development, ensuring new features and innovation correspond to customers’ anticipated needs.

Asset Optimization

industryVoice provides maintenance management capabilities that analyze risk and produce forecasting, enabling effective planning and coordination of all maintenance works and minimizing operational disruptions and unscheduled downtime. By conducting data analytics for any given asset or asset group, maintenance needs can be predicted and programmed into the production process. Real time data analysis and automation in notification processes allow deviations from established patterns to be identified, allowing action to be taken, reducing downtime and optimizing asset usage.

For customers, proactive maintenance can be provided, based on actual product usage, performance and behavior analytics, reducing downtime. Maintenance costs can be reduced by grouping planned interventions. New services, based on asset data and analytics as well as meta-data, can be offered to customers that provide insights into their own processes and identify opportunities for improved efficiency in their own workflows.

Service Level Management

industryVoice provides a configurable real-time alarm and alerting system for the complete infrastructure, based on asset groups, specific assets and relevant stakeholders. Data stakeholders can define smart logics, based on their specific KPIs, for each device or node, setting thresholds for alerts and notifications. Intelligent escalation functionalities ensure that alerts and resulting procedures are activated, acknowledged, and documented by the acting person. The notification flows and escalation procedures are determined by device, category or location and recognised stakeholders are notified in real-time by email or SMS when devices are not sending data, sending error status or sending values which are outside defined limits. Priority levels are also determined based on types of malfunction and the resulting threat to uptime, security and workflows, ensuring the focus on business continuity is maintained.

Identify Problems

Chorus provides a comprehensive way to manage data center events and alarms therefore reducing risk of unplanned downtime.  This functionality gives the various data-stakeholders an intelligent summary of priority issues which allows them to highlight critical issues that need attention and keep senior management inform, in real-time, about the data centers’ health.

Secure Object Identification

industryVoice provides secure ID for products, processes and machines ensuring secure information exchange throughout the entire manufacturing process as well as the entire product lifecycle. Additionally, each asset is provided with an information card identifying the risk factors, security rating of the asset and other security related parameters to adapt the security strategy on all levels.

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