vyzVoice rated as a leading vendor in MachNation’s 2017 IoT Platform-Enabled Solution scorecard

vyzVoice rated as a leading vendor in MachNation’s 2017 IoT Platform-Enabled Solution scorecard


The IoT Platform-Enabled Solution space continues to grow into one of the most critical technology sectors of the Internet of Things (IoT). According to MachNation forecasts, worldwide IoT application enablement and device management revenue will be USD 1.8 billion in 2017 growing to USD 64.6 billion by 2025 at a compound annual growth rate of 49%. Enterprises realize that a well-built IoT PES with key partners saves significant development and deployment time and money as enterprises digitize their assets and processes.

Platform-Enabled Solution (PES)

A Platform-Enabled Solution (PES) is a solution-centric offering optimized to reduce the time to deliver a fully-enabled, end-to end, vertical IoT solution to customers. A PES vendor relies on a product-plus-services model; an application development lifecycle managed by in-house and partner resources; and either a rapid application builder or template-based framework. PES vendors use a direct or partner-led sales model and engage a core set of systems integrators to create validated, rapid and secure industry or application-centric IoT solutions for customers. In its 2017 IoT Platform-Enabled Solution ScoreCard, MachNation rated 11 IoT PES vendors across a set of 12 sub-requirements aggregated into the following 4 categories:

  • Time-to-market
  • Domain expertise and insight
  • Sophistication of solution management
  • Comprehensiveness of overall solution

Based on MachNation’s in-depth analysis of 11 IoT PES vendors, MachNation rates vyzVoice as a leading Platform-Enabled Solution vendor. On the following page, we describe some of vyzVoice’s unique strengths and differentiators cited in MachNation’s ScoreCard.

vyzVoice Overview

vyzVoice is a Luxembourg-based company that was founded in 2010 with a focus on the commercial building space. In 2014, the firm began to expand the addressable market with its Chorus platform. Chorus, which launched in 2016, is an off-the-shelf analysis and visualization solution for the everyday user. vyzVoice focuses on four IoT use cases: data centers, industry, sustainability reporting and well-being. Chorus is cloud-based and allows users to manage their connected devices and integrate all data in one place with a strong emphasis on user experience. vyzVoice has a particularly strong offering in the IoT PES ecosystem, rating as well as or better than larger vendors. MachNation believes this strength comes from its domain expertise in the commercial building space, a clean user interface and a dedicated effort to meet stringent security requirements. In particular, MachNation cited vyzVoice’s unique strengths in the following areas: vyzVoice is focused on developing vertical expertise to provide relevant solutions.

vyzVoice has developed domain expertise in the commercial building sector using a combination of in-house and external experts as well as from customer feedback. vyzVoice can leverage this domain expertise to meet the current IoT needs of a growing and large industry sector. A deep understanding of vertical-specific needs is a key requirement for a successful PES vendor. Chorus, the vyzVoice solution, features a clean and easy to use user interface that demonstrates a strong focus on usability for various personas. The interface of vyzVoice abstracts away the complexity of IoT and delivers information in an intuitive way. vyzVoice has created a user interface that is appealing to both technologyand business-centric users, enhancing the value and ease-of-use of the overall Chorus platform. vyzVoice is focused on meeting stringent EU security and privacy requirements. vyzVoice has built technology and processes that ensure compliance with future privacy and security regulation. Security concerns are some of the top inhibitors of enterprise adoption of IoT solutions. As the importance of privacy and security increases over time, vyzVoice’s solution will gain further differentiation.


Based on MachNation’s in-depth analysis of 11 IoT PES vendors in the 2017 IoT Platform- Enabled Solution ScoreCard, MachNation rates vyzVoice as a leading Platform-Enabled Solution vendor.

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