Security in our Platform

Chorus ensures data security from acquisition to delivery to end-users via state-of-the-art encryption and transport security processes.

Encryption at device level

Communication between devices and the platform is encrypted end-2-end by 256-bit AES symmetric key to prevent man-in-the middle attacks and backdoors.

Encryption of travelling data

Messages are always encrypted and authenticated by Transport Layer Security (TLS) – including data transferred from the vyzVoice data stores back to the user’s browser.

Encryption at rest

vyzVoice encrypts customer data stored at rest by default, using 256-bit AES encryption, one of the strongest block ciphers available.

Bidirectional communication

vyzVoice communication protocol does not rely on a direct communication between devices and the platform, but uses a secure message broker system.

Data exposure

Through the gateway dispatcher, customers can define which datapoints and registers are exposed and ensure that data can only leave the premises if they have granted consent.

Environment segregation

The vyzVoice communication protocol accepts only a pre-defined set of authorized commands to prevent it from exposing features of the underlying protocols.

Private Cloud instance

Without losing the scalability and flexibility of the cloud, Chorus can be deployed in a dedicated cloud instance, with a site-2-site VPN restricting the access to your data to within your premises.

User Access Management

Integrated user authentication and authorization controls ensure full security in access to the platform and data.

Security in our Company

Security is a keystone of vyzVoice solutions. In our own operations, we also apply stringent security practices.

vyzVoice follows the foundational principles of the ISO 207001 standards to guarantee a security-based management of information.

Internal policies and processes are designed and implemented to secure company and customers’ information. These processes address the storage and analysis of data, as well as the software development and maintenance practices, access control to information and management of security incidents.

We understand that while people are a company’s greatest asset, they can also be the biggest threat to data security. We have therefore built a strong information security culture for all employees. Starting at the hiring process, continuing through the employee on-boarding and as part of our on-going training, best practices are continually reinforced and updated.

In addition, vyzVoice regularly engages independent parties to verify security and privacy standards and to perform intrusion tests to confirm the veracity of our systems.

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